Vegetable Egg Fried Rice

Fried Rice is a Universal dish. It is usually made from the steamed rice(cooled or left over rice)stir fried in a hot wok, along with the Vegetables, Egg & Meat(optional). It is flavored by the Soy sauce. There are different varieties of fried rice throughout the world like Hokkien or Fujian fried rice, Bai cha, Thai fried rice, American fried rice, Cha-Han, Burmese fried rice, Hawaiian fried rice to name a few. This is a very simple fried rice recipe where I have used White rice, vegetables & eggs. Definitely you cannot go wrong with this recipe. :)

Rice 1 1/2 Cup
Onion 1, finely chopped
Cabbage 1 cup
Mixed Vegetables (Carrot, Beans, peas) 1 Cup
Ginger garlic paste 1 tsp
Eggs 2
Soy sauce 1tbsp (add more depending on your taste)
Pepper & Salt req
Green onions 3 tbsp

• Cook Rice. Spread it on a plate and let it cool. (You can use leftover Rice or Chilled rice)
• Take a wide pan. Heat little oil. Add the chopped Onion and saute it to translucent.
• Add Ginger garlic paste. Cook it till the raw smell goes away.
• Add the vegetables. Cook it for few minutes.
• Once the vegetables are cooked. Make a small well in the center. Break open the Eggs. Add the required salt. Scramble the eggs then mix it along with the vegetables. (You can scramble eggs in a separate pan if you want)
• Toss in the cooked Rice & Combine with all the vegetables. Cook over medium heat for couple of minutes.
• Add Soy sauce. Again mix it thoroughly at medium heat for couple of mins. Switch off the stove.
• Garnish with chopped Spring onions & serve hot. Chicken Manchurian will be a perfect accompaniment to this Fried rice.

• Make sure the rice you add is not hot. Hot steamed rice would make the fried rice mushy. Chilled Rice works best.
• You can add cooked pieces of meat to this fried rice.

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